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At ChadsFit, I'll personally guide you through an exciting 6-week training program that guarantees visible results. Witness the transformation in just 6 weeks. We'll track your waist measurement weekly to keep you motivated throughout the journey. Our comprehensive workouts encompass strength training, cardio exercises, boxing techniques, core workouts, and flexibility exercises. Each session begins with an energizing warm-up, followed by dynamic strength and fitness exercises, and concludes with a relaxing stretch cool-down.


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Chad Naidu

MMA Champion & Master Trainer

ChadsFit Mobile Personal Training is not just another franchise; it is a locally owned and operated business.

Chad is insured and holds the following certifications: Working with Children Check, Full First Aid Training Certificate, CPR Certificate, and Fitness Certificate.
Chad'sFit offers tailored fitness training, including boxing led by an MMA champion. With options for individuals, couples, groups, corporate, NDIS, and kids, clients can find their perfect fitness solution at affordable prices.

Led by Chad Naidu, a celebrated MMA champion and creator of a fully structured Muay Thai curriculum, ChadsFit is committed to delivering exceptional fitness solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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